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IVF remain for in vitro treatment, with “in vitro” being Latin for “in glass” – a reference to the glass test tubes utilized as a part of the lab. This is the place the expression ‘unnaturally conceived child’, regularly utilized as a part of the media, comes from.

In Vitro Fertilization, in basic dialect, is developing, gathering and joining eggs with sperm in the lab to make incipient organisms to be exchanged for a lady’s womb. IVF treatment – in outline – includes organization of fruitfulness medications to animate the ovaries to deliver various eggs oocytes and afterwards, utilizing a minor surgical strategy, we gather your eggs and place them in a culture dish (instead of a test tube) with arranged sperm, for fertilization, containing appropriate culture media.

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Delivering Healthcare; The Way It Should Be Delivered.
The idea to serve and care grew within Sri T.Mohan Rao, Chairman and Dr. Prashanthi Mohan, Managing Director of Prashanthi Hospitals. Today Millions of people die, due to poverty or lack of knowledge. This is what inspired Sri Mohan Rao to envision a premium healthcare to be delivered at a very affordable cost, where medical excellence is achieved with unstinted commitment for the poor.

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  • As I was join this I was really happy by the team received and they take care each and every second of my pressure. I recovered very soon for the nurse and the doctors. I refer to my friends also to checkup their health.

  • One of the best hospital in tri cities. Hospitality , care , cleanliness and the way of consultants, staff approach feel me happy. Thank you Dr Prashanthi for providing all facilities under one roop.