Premium Suite Pregnancy Package

This is a consolidated 6 month package. You can join any time of your pregnancy period (From Conceiving date till Due Date)

01. Pre-delivery inclusions

  1. Gynaecologist consultations from the 2nd trimester onwards (Maximum of 11-13 consultations).
  2. Standard lab tests from the 2nd trimester (12th week) onwards (check the list below).
  3. Ultrasound investigations from the 2nd trimester (12th week) onwards (2-5 scans, as per the doctor's recommendation).
  4. Tetanus injections (2-3 times, as per the doctor's recommendation).
  5. Physiotherapy classes.
  6. Antenatal education / counseling.
  7. Non Stress Test (NST) Is a simple non-invasive test performed for pregnancies that are over 28 weeks of gestation period. It may be performed if you sense that the baby is not moving as frequently as usual or you are overdue etc(Any number of times as per doctor advise).

02. During delivery inclusions

  1. Operation theatre / Labor room / Post operative room (SICU) Charges.
  2. Medical team (Gynaecologist, Neonatologist and Nurses) charges.
  3. Consumables, disposables and medicines used during the delivery.
  4. Dietician counseling.
  5. Diet for mother and 1 attendant at the complete stay of delivery (Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea & Dinner).
  6. Physiotherapy counseling (for C-section).
  7. 24 hour nursing care.

03. Well baby care inclusions.

  1. Neonatologist / Pediatrician consultations (Upto 5 Days).
  2. Nursing care (Upto 5 Days).
  3. New-born Hearing Test
  4. 3 conditions Newborn Metabolic Screening (i.e CAH, G6PD, Galactosemia).
  5. TSH (Cord Blood).
  6. Serum bilirubin.
  7. Blood grouping & Rh Typing.
  8. Vaccines (BCG, HBV, OPV).

04. Value additions

  1. 1 Baby Dress.
  2. Baby naming book.
  3. Prashanthi birth certificate.
  4. Mother and baby photo frame
  5. Gift hamper (At the time of discharge).
  6. OP Timings: No Waiting time – All working days – any time in the regular schedule.

05. Lab tests included are

  1. CBC
  2. Blood Sugar
  3. Platelet Count
  4. OGT / GCT (if there is a history of Diabetes)
  5. VDRL
  6. HB
  7. HIV 1 and 2
  8. HBSAG
  9. TSH
  10. RBS
  11. Urine Routine
  12. Blood Grouping
  13. Post Prandial Blood Sugar

06. Ultra Sound Scans as per doctor's advise.

07. Package does not include

  1. Any stay beyond the delivery package period (2 days in case of normal delivery and 4 days in case of C-section / instrumental delivery).
  2. ICU stay.
  3. Consumables, investigations and medicines over the limit.
  4. Cost of certain drugs and medicines under special circumstances during the pregnancy like Diabetes (GDM), Hypertension (PIH/Eclampsia), Thyroid Disorders & Bleeding Conditions.
  5. Visit of consultants of other specialties, like Urologist, Cardiologist, Neurologist etc.
  6. Blood and blood products charges.
  7. The baby's bill is separate. It includes phototherapy, medicines, consumables, investigations, NICU charges etc (Except Well baby care package).
  8. Investigation, medication and treatment for any pre-existing diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid Disorders, Heart disease, Kidney disease & Bleeding Conditions.
  9. Cost of epidural anesthesia.
  10. Any admission during pregnancy for reasons other than delivery.

08. Procedure to register for the Pregnancy Packages

A deposit of 50% is to be paid at the time of registration at the package coordinator. This amount considered as first installment for the package. The rest of the package amount should be paid at 20th week. You will be given your File with receipts' after making the payment.

You then have to go to the Physiotherapy Department to register your name for the Antenatal Classes. (These Classes are to be attended only after your doctor approves it).

Pregnancy package privileges will begin from the day of registration.


  1. For any other details of packages and to have a look at the rooms please visit the hospital.
  2. For enquiries about the packages, call: 9100039350 \ 9100082916 \ 9100082915


  • Hill view with more privacy.
  • Air Conditioned, Luxuries & spacious room.
  • Spacious restroom with shower.
  • Nutritious Diet for mother and one attendant (Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea & Dinner).
  • Catering service on call (chargeable).
  • Specially designed multifunctional bed.
  • Sofa set with center table.
  • Flexibility for visitors and visiting time.
  • Flat screen LED TV.
  • Nurse on call.
  • Mini fridge.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • More Personal storage area.